15+ years of experience in Web Design & Development


Devoted to creating accessible and distinctive websites that stand out from other websites on the web, interactive media, and bringing design to life with code. Specialized in a multidisciplinary method of work that incorporates design and development. Dedicated to improving the internet and furthering important causes, I love designing code and seamless interactions.


  • June 2023 - June 2024
    Senior Software Developer (Technical Lead)
    Approach Controls Inc, Canada
    - Implementing monorepo using NX, reducing development time & CI pipeline complexity.
    - Upheld coding best practices and design principles rigorously.
    - Streamlined the development process for increased efficiency.
    - Established unit test code coverage to 100% on new apps.
    - Ensured consistent adherence to design principles and coding standards.
    - Led development utilizing MQTT and socket connections for enhanced functionality.
    - Implemented clean architecture across frontend and backend applications for improved scalability and maintainability.
  • Nov 2022 - May 2023
    Frontend Developer
    Cloud Rangers
    - NX integration reduced dev time by 30%, improved code quality by 40% and fasten deployment time.
    - Spearheaded an effort to boost unit test coverage from 10% to 100% using Jest, resulting in more dependable code and increased application stability.
    - Implemented SOLID design principles and increased scalability accross all apps.
    - Refactored app frontend with PrimeNG/MaterialUI, optimizing 50+ pages, elevating engagement by 40%.
    - Enhanced performance, tripling app speed, reducing resource use by 15%.
  • Sep 2022 - June 2023
    Teachers Assistant
    Seneca College
    I was requested to be a teacher's assistant to assist other students in the class while I was a Seneca student because the project coordinator was pleased by my broad knowledge of the web development. I gave enough assistance as a part-time employee of Seneca College to meet the demands of several courses.
  • Jan 2018 - Sep 2022
    Principal Software Engineer
    - Manage and add features in single page application using Angular
    - Frontend development and closely work with Design team to check feasibility of upcoming features
    - Use WordPress to maintain company website
    - Deliver effective scribing solution to US health care
    - Validating product features with product team
    - Mentor other team members and managing web team
    - Add proper logs and analytics to debug bugs efficiently
    - Patent of natural language medical record generation platform
    - Converted legacy scribe portal application to single page application using Angular
    - Application performance increased by 75%
    - Increased scribe portal usage from 10% to 80% (according to mixpanel)
    - Added automated sentence or note generation tool "Note Builder" instead of plain text writing
    - Decreased note generation time from 20min to 3min
    - Added Test case coverage from 0% to 55%
    - Achieved company beast award 3 times
  • Aug 2016 - Dec 2017
    Lead Application Architect
    - Manage backend team
    - Design and create brand new web application
    - Get rid of old API base and create fully standard REST api to facilitate both web and mobile application
    - Create iOS app alongside with Android app
    - Manage server (linode)
    - Wireframe and designed web application from the scratch (design system)
    - Successfully managed to build full rest api within three months using Laravel with fresh DB structure
    - Able to create brand new web application for the first time in the company
    - Increased users engagement by 40%
    - Increased business revenue by 63%
    - Using react native, added iOS app to apple store and increased users by another 25% within a month
    - By Showing increase of performance and users, company able to manage series B and C funding
  • Jan 2013 - Jul 2016
    Senior Web Developer
    - Create and maintain company website
    - Form a team within company who can do AdHoc works
    - Localization and flash / html5 banners
    - Work with agencies around the world (such as Australia, Germany, UK, Denmark etc)
    - Managed to build a strong adhoc team and lead the team to accomplish any task (WordPress, Custom solution, App)
    - Trained up more than 100 co-workers to create HTML5 banners who previously doing banner with flash
    - Maintained Germany and Australian agency single handed
    - Awarded during employment and received several performance bonus
    - Helped other team members to get up to the speed
  • Jul 2009 – Dec 2012
    Senior Programmer
    - Create small websites for clients
    - Work with Joomla and WordPress
    - Maintain and add features for existing websites
    - Created more than 200 websites in company lifespan
    - Able to create a custom CMS using PHP and delivered more than 30 websites using that CMS
    - Worked with bigger newspaper portal and handled big data with huge traffic


  • NodeJS (NestJS / AdonisJS), PHP (Laravel)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript (ES6, Angular, React, Vue)
  • UI and UX
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Balsamiq wireframe
  • HTML5
  • CSS3, SASS (bootstrap / foundation)
  • TypeScript, Angular / React / VueJS
  • NodeJS,PHP, laravel, Custom framework
  • NodeJS (ExpressJS / NestJS / AdonisJs)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • TypeORM, Prisma, Drizzle
  • WordPress, Custom CMS
  • eCommerce (PayPal, Authorize.NET, ROBOKASSA, 2CO, SSL Wireless)
  • React Native and Ionic
  • React native paper


  • April 2023
    Interactive Media Design (INM)
    Seneca College, Toronto, Canada
  • April 2010
    B. Sc in CSE
    Uttara University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Session 2003 - 2004
    H. S. C, Science
    Dhaka City College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Session 2002
    S. S. C, Science
    Dhaka Board, K.B.M school, Gazipur

Brand experience

  • Colgate
  • betfair
  • Dell
  • hsbc
  • nike
  • nokia
  • orlen
  • schick
  • vodafone
  • henkel
  • mini
  • motorola
  • starbucks
  • kleenex
  • volvo
  • gg
  • verizon
  • pfizer
  • hillspet
  • flugger
  • trustpilot
  • ea
  • microsoft
  • ikea
** most of the brand experience work was related to HTML5 banners and micro websites while working with agencies under WPP


  • 2007
    Started journey with a forum administrator
  • 2008
    Started learning forum customization (vBulletine and SMF and PHPBB) and was freelancer
  • 2009
    Joined OrangeBD as Programmer and started PHP and MySQL professionally
  • 2010
    Framework CodeIgniter and CMG Joomla, Wordpress
  • 2011
    Customized web applications, Joomla and WP theme and plugin development and Promoted as Senior Programmer and made a custom CMS using PHP, MYSQL, Jquery, HTML, CSS
  • 2012
    Worked in Zend framework and started coding AS3 and played around a bit and built some reusable classes like pagination, PDO etc
  • 2013
    Started with GraphicPeople as Web developer and worked with Opentext CMS as content management and after doing and Y&R project company started taking frontend related work and found more interest in frontend development rather than backend. And LESS, SASS
  • 2014
    Promoted to Senior web developer Modern workflow with Yeoman, AngularJS and started brainstorming session in new technology and specially AngularJS and later created a todo APP using ExpressJS with Hogan and MongoDB and found interesting.
  • 2015
    More focused on JS than backend technology. Started building website with tool like grunt / gulp and code in more modular approaches in SCSS and took a small journey with RoR and started working with laravel.
  • 2016
    More involved into backend tech, specially with Laravel, REST API development and Server management (Linode).
  • 2017
    Continue with Laravel and REST API. Creating small components with VueJS or ReactJS for harriken.com micro modules and started using ES6 officially.
  • 2018
    Joined Augmedix and started overhauling their internal tools and take over public websites and gained more control with single page application with Angular.
  • 2019
    Successfully managed to convert the full scribe portal into angular and fall in love with typescript once again.
  • 2020
    Promoted as Principal Software engineer and started managing the scribe portal team. Increased communication with the product team, validating product feature requests, and delivering product features with the collaboration of BD engineers and US engineers. Started using NestJS framework. Publish two open source projects roolith-css (SASS framework) and roolith-framework (PHP micro framework)
  • 2021
    Created the Augmedix design system from the ground up and kept working to reduce the time it takes to transcribe notes. devoted a substantial amount of work on optimization.
  • 2022
    Relocated to Toronto, Canada and enrolled in a diploma programme in interactive media design. Learned a great deal about design, UX, audio, and video production. Once more, it's student life. Exclusively continued to work on open-source projects.
  • 2023
    After receiving two president awards for my graduation, I relocated to Alberta. began working with a brand-new Calgary-based industry, oil and gas. At the moment, I'm using NestJS, NX, and Angular.